PVC Recycling For Hospitals

What is the PVC recycling program?
If you are looking to start recycling PVC in your hospital, Baxter is proud to partner with the Vinyl Council of Australia, Welvic, Matta and 280+ hospitals in Australia and New Zealand, to help divert more than 200 tonnes of high-grade PVC waste from landfill annually.

How it works
Launched in 2009, the innovative sustainability program brings together local hospitals with Baxter Healthcare and the Vinyl Council to collect and recycle Baxter intravenous (IV) fluids bags, as well as PVC oxygen masks and oxygen tubing.

If your hospital is suitable for the service, we will put you in contact with a local collection partner, who will work with you to organise bins as well as collection schedule.

After each collection waste is consolidated, sorted and prepared for processing. In this process it is chipped up and remoulded into PVC pellets, which are reused to manufacture garden hoses, gumboots & playground matting.

Who can participate?
As not all PVC bags and brands are recyclable the PVC recycling program is a complementary service for customers using Baxter fluid bags only. That way we reduce the risk of contamination from other products.

The service is available to most public and private hospitals in Australia and New Zealand. But there are few things for you to consider, when evaluating if this is right for your hospital:

  1. Fluid residue builds mould over time and can’t be recycled, so do you have enough volume to justify regular bin collection?
  2. Do your hospital staff have the capacity to effectively segregate waste and avoid contaminating an entire truck load?
  3. Can you dedicate a green champion to govern and ensure successful implementation, training of staff and follow-up?

How to get started?
If you can answer yes to the questions above, please submit your interest and we will get in contact to determine next steps.

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